An Obsession with Paddling

This collection of images formed the penultimate assignment for my Masters degree in Photography at De Montfort University, completed in June 2011.

The portfolio symbolises my journeys to visit my Aunty Chris during the last decade of her life. She and my Aunty Phyl survived their sister, my mother, by over 10 years. When Phyl died in 2004, it left Chris as the last direct link to my mother who died unexpectedly in 1991.

The 'postcard snapshots' represent the visits to see her and my obsessive need to paddle in the sea whilst coming to terms with her slow deterioration. The candid images of people on the beach, that alternate with the 'postcards', remind us that life continued outside of my aunt's world.

This body of work was developed as a powerpoint presentation with audio accompanying the 'postcard' images. It explained my feelings when I visited Chris. The script has been included as text below each corresponding image. Aunty Chris died in April 2009, peacefully unaware of what was happening.