Mother's Days (A Photographic Study of Items Associated with my Mother)

This collection of images along with a 7,000 word critical analysis formed the final assignment (Major Project) for my Masters degree in Photography at De Montfort University, completed in June 2011. The portfolio is a continuation of a previous work 'An Obsession with Paddling (memories of visits to my aunt)' which symbolised my journeys to visit my mother's sister, Aunty Chris, during her later years.

As a result of my trips to see my aunt I thought more about my mother who died, unexpectedly, nearly thirty years ago whilst on holiday. As Aunty Chris had lost her short-term memory I found that by showing her a memory book she could recall some of her adult and childhood experiences.

The portfolio 'Mother's Days' contains photographs of items I hold dear because they belonged to my mother or in some way remind me of her. Accompanying the images are short explanations and anecdotal experiences that help to explain the images and their significance. The final Image of a swimming pool is symbolic and tells of how I felt when my mother died.

Presented in the form of a bespoke book it could be considered to be my own memory book of my mother and as such is a testament to her memory for her family and for the future.